A Nocturnal Adventure

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“There aren’t enough hours in the day”
How often do you hear that? I happen to agree. So much to do and so little time.
We’ve already asked you to get up early and urged you to squeeze in an adventure during your lunch hour but sometimes even that’s not enough.
So allow me to let you in on a little secret:


There are more hours in the day than you think.
About eight, in fact, for most people. The problem is just that you tend to be asleep during them. Why not use these hours for activity instead?
You’re not daft. You know where this is going.
“But I need to sleep!”
“I don’t get enough as it is!”
I can’t help you with that but I can remind you that:


A. This is For One Night Only. I’m not suggesting you give up sleep forever, just skip or curtail it once. You do it for New Year’s Eve or some other night out so why not for the far nobler cause of an adventure?
B. Adventure has a price. Yes, you will be tired. Yes, you will suffer the next day. And yes, you may curse ever reading this article. But you will sleep again, the status quo will be restored and you’ll be left with the exotic memory of a night spent out there in the world.


● Come Friday night, stash the aftershave/perfume this week and switch it for a thermos of hot tea, a head torch and some spare batteries. You’re off on a night hike.
● Put on your best high-vis gear, afix your lights and start cycling. The roads have never been so quiet and, with a bit of luck, by the time you start getting cold and weary, the sun will peaking over the horizon and bringing you back to life.
● London cyclists (or those willing to travel to the capital with their bikes): meet at midnight on the last Friday of the month during summer under the arch at Hyde Park Corner to join a large group on an overnight bike ride (it’s free).
● Join an organised overnight hike with Maggie’s Cancer Care.
● Start your journey to work the night before. Not convinced? My friend Ewan walked the 25 miles to work that he normally drives and used it to raise money for charity.


(It goes without saying that a little extra prudence is required for such trips – plan a little more, take a friend and tell some others, take torches and spares and high visibility clothing, wrap up warm and take a mobile phone).



It’s a big ask this month but, as ever, it only needs to happen once and I can (almost) guarantee that you won’t regret it.

Let us know how you get on (after you’ve caught up on sleep).



This article was written by Tim Moss (Berghaus Everyday Adventurer November 2013)
from www.thenextchallenge.org