Outward Bound® Instructor completes Extreme Mountaineering Challenge

Whilst most of us were recovering from the excesses of Christmas and New Year celebrations, James Lancashire a senior instructor at The Outward Bound Trust’s Ullswater Centre in the Lake District headed off for a more extreme way to see in the new year – to summit Mount Vinson in Antarctica.  James had allowed 23 days to reach the summit and return to base camp, however due to ‘kinder’ than expected weather conditions they reached the summit in a staggering 4 days!

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Berghaus, a long standing supporter of The Trust kitted out the team with extreme weather protective garments for this challenge which involved constantly fluctuating temperatures of minus 30 or below.  Burr!   Carrying rucksacks and pulling sledges containing food and provisions the Brits self-guided themselves with no support backup and slept in tents each night.

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Upon returning back to base camp the group discovered they had a two week wait for a return plane to collect them due to air strikes in Chile.  Deciding this wasn’t the end of their challenge, the group preceded to climb 4 other mountains whilst stuck on the ice!

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James has now conquered six out of the seven highest mountains on each continent.

James’s passion for the great outdoors was sparked off when he attended an Outward Bound course in Ullswater at the age of 16.  As a fully qualified instructor at The Trust he has, for the past 10 years,  been taking young people out of their 21st century comfort zone and into a safe and challenging outdoor learning environment to help them develop far reaching key life skills, such as leadership, resilience, problem-solving, teamwork, communication and confidence.

For further details regarding The Outward Bound Trust please visit www.outwardbound.org.uk

  • Jenna Maynard

    Well done James!

  • jojee5

    Looks amazing… how do I book on a course? Would be cool to join him for number 7!

    • Berghaus

      For details of Outward Bound courses see http://www.outwardbound.org.uk

      We’re also running a competition in store for a chance to win an Outward Bound Adventure and £250 of Berghaus gear. The competition is open to 13-24 year olds and runs until 09/03/11. You can pick up an entry form from the following Berghaus stores:

      Covent Garden
      Metro Centre
      Bristol Broadmead store
      House of Fraser concession stores in Solihull and High Wickham.

  • Dom Gething

    This man is a legend and The Outward Bound Trust are lucky to have such an inspiration person working for them.

  • John McCarthy

    James, you are an inspiration to the current and next generation of mountaineers.
    We wish you the best of luck completing the set.Jack says ” Watch out for bears ! “

  • David Exeter

    Well done James & Team.

  • Neeta

    Congratulations, James! What a star!