Mallory team ARE Outward Bound

I couldn’t be more proud of the 10 young people that have made up Mallory team for the past 3 weeks. They’ve been through some big challenges and tough adventures, and have done it all with smiles and enthusiasm.

Everyday adventurers from Outward BOund

They finished the course with a final jog and dip- all taking the plunge together with so much more effort and commitment than the first tentative splash a few weeks ago. I actually think some of them will miss this early morning ritual when they get home… even if they’re not keen to admit it!

Outward Bound everyday adventurers fell runningThe last activity was an 8.5km fell run over Gowbarrow fell. It was a closely contested race with one of our team coming in first with a very impressive time of 55 minutes. Well done Ted from Monaco! He told me on the very first day that one of his targets was to win the race, and he gave it everything he had.

Before they made the journey home, I met with each participant individually to discuss their successes and help them to set some goals for the future. Everyone who completes a Classic has the opportunity to earn the Classic Badge. It’s hard to explain exactly how much that little piece of metal means to these guys when they get to the end of their adventure and some are very disappointed when they do not quite reach the standard required. Mallory team have the unique accolade of being the only Classic group that I have ever given out a full set of badges to. They worked incredibly hard for them and can be immensely proud.

The Outward Bound Trust gets it’s name from a nautical term. The charity was set up in 1941 to train young men joining the navy to prepare them for their time at sea. Ships used to Outward Bound everyday adventurers finishing their challengecommunicate to each other using coloured flags that they would hoist up the mast. There is one called the ‘Blue Peter’. It is a blue flag with a white square in the centre and it’s meaning is ‘OUTWARD BOUND’. It would be hoisted when the ship was loaded up, crew trained and aboard, ready to leave the safety of the harbour on their voyage.

For the last 3 weeks all of the team have been safe in our harbour, learning skills and overcoming challenges to prepare them for their futures. Now that they leave us, they really are Outward Bound, in their pride, compassion and energy for life. I wish them all the very best and hope they have many more exciting adventures to come. Well done Mallory team and thank you for a course that I’ll remember for a long, long time.

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  • Tim

    I remember my 3 week outward bound course at Ulswater back in 1994. I was in Shacklton and the group and course were fantastic, 3 of the best weeks of my life. Hi to Mark, Caroline, Jonny and the others on my course. Also hi to Anne (course leader) who I believe was still working there when I called in to show my wife the year book.

  • Elaine

    Hi Tim,
    Fantastic that these updates have triggered memories of your course, and I’m really pleased to see that you’ve been back to visit since. If you’re keen to keep up to date with us at The Outward Bound Trust why not check out the generations section of our website- it can help you to find old course mates and has space to upload your favourite photos.