February's Everyday Adventurer does the Caledonia waterfall trail, Troodos mountains

The Calidonia waterfall trail is located just North of the village Platres in the Troodos mountains. If you drive through Platres heading up the mountain you will come across a trout farm directly opposite a prominent T junction. Park in the Trout farm car park as this is the start of a relatively short but family friendly walk.

The falls are approximately 1600m above sea level and the trail is roughly 5km from start to finish. With recent heavy snow fall at the top of mount Olympus I was hoping for some decent snow melt making the falls quite impressive.

As previously said the walk is relatively family friendly (Some crossing of streams and over wet rocks.) so I took my wife and son with me to check out the waterfall as the last time we went during the summer it was more of a dribble than a fall! Plus our new Berghaus BIOFLEX pack had arrived the day before so it was perfect timing to try it out.

The start of the trail is at the Trout farm. There is a prominent concrete track running up the Mountain to the left hand side of the farm. Just follow that until you reach the trail. The path on the trail is well walked so even during winter when snow melt and rain have forced rocks and boulders onto the path it is still easily followed without the need of a map. (For the first kilometre or so a galvanised steel water pipe parallels the track so as long as you can see the pipeline, you are going the right way.)

The path upto the falls snakes its way up the mountain crossing the same stream all the way up. Decent boots are required and I regret not taking my Berghaus Yeti Attak gaiters as I slipped off a rock and into the stream when carrying Tom across resulting in a wet foot!

Three quarters of the way up the trail a wooden rest shelter has been constructed so if the weather closes in or the suns rays are too strong you can grab a bit of respite from the elements. It was good to stop and sort Toms boots and socks out and grab a quick brew and take in some of the scenery.

Not far after the rest shelter and you are at the falls. Because of the recent rain and snow melt they were quite impressive to watch. (Not on a Niagara scale though!)

I did contemplate deploying some swimming trunks and getting in for a quick dip but I bottled it and on reflection that water was absolutely Baltic so the right decision was made!

The trip back down is via the same route. By this point my son was tired out (I was impressed that he completed the two ish kilometre walk uphill in quite cold temperatures without complaining so it wasn’t a surprise when he asked to be carried back down.)  When you get back to the car park there is a great little restaurant attached to the Trout farm. They serve good food with some fantastic freshly caught trout and more importantly, a very welcome cold beer!

On the route back home there are ‘loads’ of wineries to visit, some offering free tasting so it really is well worth a visit. Looking at this photo of my wife Toni slipping on a rock, you would probably think we stopped in to them on the way there!!!!!

  • Gerardo

    Completely agree. In order to do a decent review, I think you have to have used the product a lot, in a number of different situations, and often you don’t know just how good something is until you’ve had it for ages and are still using it every time you head out. This was one one of my objections to being given a fleece I didn’t ask for when I already had plenty more suitable items to wear I knew I wouldn’t use it enough, and it would feel like a hollow evriew. If you’re getting stuff you really want to use then great. I also agree with your point about getting out more. I spent this weekend gone catching up on things digital and missed some decent weather for walking. If I’d had a reason for heading out that would have resulted in a post then perhaps I’d have left my desk and got outdoors.