Everyday Adventurer Elaine Hibbs – We made it to week three!

Tomorrow Mallory team will sent off on their final expedition: a 4-day, 3-night adventure in the Lakes. But to put them to the test and make sure they were ready for heading out into the hills without direct supervision, I set them a raft building challenge. The challenge saw them collect orienteering markers from around Hallin Fell to earn points which would be exchanged for pieces of rafting equipment. They earned more points than I expected they would so were able to create a very impressive raft which held together even in the blustery winds that were sweeping through the valley.

Seeing the team head off into the hills without me will be a very strange feeling, but I am more than confident that they are capable of completing their amazing journey without my help. I will see them a few times each day to check their progress and bring them more rations, but they are trusted to complete the expedition independently. It is their final challenge as a team, and one that most of them have approached with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. I’m looking forward to seeing them rise to the challenge as a team, and hopefully the sun will reward their hard work by putting in an appearance!

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