European Paraclimbing Championships

I had been training up in the Newcastle wall and Middlesbrough prior to the comp in France, doing lots of the usual routes, bouldering and traversing. I then decided to take what ended up being a week off to get the rest in and we flew out to Chamonix on Wednesday the 10th July.

At the airport the team managers Andy and Graeme Hill gave us our climbing gear some t shirts and a jacket.

It was about 25 degrees out there, similar to back in the UK, very warm! The hotel was nice enough but too far from the venue and situated right on top of a steep hill. I and the rest of the team had to negotiate this hill twice on the first full day we were there.

That day was spent visiting the medical centre where i had my stump measured and it didn’t take long, those with other complications took a bit longer to be processed but we were the first team to be seen.

Then we went for lunch and after we had to go and register for the comp which was at the indoor climb venue in Chamonix town centre. It was a nice wall i must say! I was first up on the first route, unfortunately i was so absolutely tired out from the previous day of hoping about going from place to place so i knew i wasn’t going to last long.

I didn’t make the finals in the end, in fact I even thought there wasn’t any point competing but i stuck with it and it was a great experience at the end of the day. I also learnt a valuable lesson – next time I’ll be making sure I book somewhere closer to the venue and get enough rest beforehand.

Two of the girls in the limbs and visual impaired categories made it through to the finals and they were held on the outdoor walls put up they came away with 2nd medals so all good. Since the trip I’ve lost three pounds and am climbing harder now but there’s still another 10 or so pounds I’d like to loose as it would especially improve my bouldering. The next competition in London is getting closer – the 21st and 22nd of September and I cant wait to put a much stronger performance in – we’re all hoping that the other or at least some of the other European teams come over for the event and it should turn out to be a good one…

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