Berghaus Supports Climate Change Awareness Project

Berghaus have teamed up with Dutch sculptor Ap Verheggen by supporting his bid to help re-engage the public on the topic of climate change.

Verheggen has launched a series of four art projects in areas undergoing tremendous climate change.  Each sculpture, inspired by local culture, will be placed on an iceberg and viewed ‘live’ via camera connection until the iceberg melts and the sculpture disappears into the sea.  With this project, Verheggen is looking to draw attention to the visible impact of climate change and its effect on the surrounding communities.

We will be supporting this project, cool(E)motion™, by supplying clothing and equipment to Verheggen and his team, to help aid their journey to the various areas surrounding the North Pole.

The journey is expected to last for up to two years and with the help of GPS, it can be followed live on the internet (