Berghaus donate kit to environmental campaigner

Earlier this year Berghaus donated essential kit to an environmental campaigner in her ambitious attempt to clean up one of the many pilgrimage sites in India.

Jodie Underhill, known by many locals as Garbage Girl headed up The Manimahesh Clean Up campaign where she attempted a one month mass clean up of the Manimahesh Yatra.

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Jodie and her voluntary group, ‘The Mountain Cleaners’, had a challenging 14km route ahead of them before they reached the sacred Manimahesh Lake where they looked at solutions to improve the poor waste disposal situation. The mountain cleaners also appealed to pilgrims to take their rubbish to a number of waste drop off points at, and en-route to, Manimahesh Lake.

"fleece jackets" "hiking boots" "hiking jacket" "outdoor clothing" "walking trousers" "waterproof clothing" "waterproof jacket"

Jodie said: “The clean-up campaign at the Manimahesh Yatra this year was really difficult for me due to the cold but I can honestly say that I’m looking forward to the next one as know that I’m better equipped for the job. An absolutely massive thank you”.

"fleece jackets" "hiking boots" "hiking jacket" "outdoor clothing" "walking trousers" "waterproof clothing" "waterproof jacket"

The Mountain Cleaners have successfully organized clean ups at other sites in India, including McLeod Ganj and Bhagsu. They have also set up a weekly waste collection from Triund, a remote mountain camp. Their efforts have resulted in a ‘Green Hero’ award through their work they hope that this will pave the way for programs at other pilgrimage sites across India.

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  • Jodie underhill

    Many thanks Berghaus, you guys are amazing and I absolutely LOVE the jacket and fleece you sent. They’re just what I need to keep out the cold up in the mountains. I can’t thank you enough!

  • Mike Hicks

    Well done Jodie!!

  • Amit shenoy

    Hey jodie i knew that ur work will be recognised by people and i m happy 4 u keep on doing this wonderful act and bless u love xoxo amit

  • anshu(H.P)

    hey jodie read about you on google and even
    saw you doing so much for the nature and
    bcoz of kind people like you we guys are able
    to breathe fresh air thanks appreciated