Expert Bloggers Required

For over 40 years Berghaus has been leading the way in outdoor gear and are one of the world’s leading outdoor brands.

We have a great community of fans and followers and are committed to delivering amazing content that enhances people’s enjoyment of the outdoors and helps our community thrive.

We’re looking for experts on outdoor subjects who can share their skills and knowledge to help people to get outdoors by giving them the confidence and information to try something new or build on their existing skills.

What are we looking for:

We’d be looking for a blog of approximately 500 words or a video to share with our community on your expert topic.

If you’re interested in blogging for us then please bear in mind what we’re looking for:

Authority: Berghaus are a technical, credible brand and we are looking for content that reinforces this position on any outdoors subject and we want our bloggers to be experts in their field.

Unique: Content must be unique.  It can’t be recycled from elsewhere on the web and if you are writing on a subject where content already exists think about how you can make it unique for our audience.

Engaging: We’re looking for content that people not only want to read but share – the best sign of their enjoyment of the content.

Trust: We want our expert blogs to be of the highest standard so you must be knowledgeable of the subject you choose to write.

What you will get:

Your content and link on the website of one of the leading global outdoor brands

Promotion through our social media channels where appropriate:

Facebook: 106,000 followers

Twitter: 14.700 followers

Inclusion in our brand email where appropriate

There may also be opportunities to use the content in other Berghaus media such as magazines, or in store.

How to submit

Introduce yourself and pitch your idea by filling in the information via our Facebook competition. Tell us what make you credible and let us know any details about your website or background that may be useful

Your blog:

Must be unique content and you agree not to publish it elsewhere at any time in the future
We’re looking for quality over quantity so we don’t have a minimum or maximum word count, we leave that up to you, but a general guide would be more than 500 words
Sentences and paragraphs:  Keep them short and punchy
Headings:  Make good use of headings to structure your article.
Lists:  A great way to break up content in to easily readable chunks
Images:  Supply images you have copyright to use to bring the article to life.
No affiliate links
You must not use paid for link building to increase traffic to your guest post.
Format:  We accept blogs in Word, Notepad or in an email
We won’t re-write your article but we may make grammatical changes and other types of editing before uploading
Provide a short bio and use this for your back links.  We allow 2 links, the rest of the article should be you expressing your knowledge on a subject, not an advert