Running South America – half way!

Katharine and David Lowrie, two adventure runners from Devon and Northumberland, have just smashed through their 3,400th mile (the equivalent of almost London to New York) of their record expedition to run the length of South America for its wildplaces and wildlife. The 34 year old pair have been running for over 8 months in a range of Berghaus kit; from the Kendale down jacket that kept them snug in the southern snow, to their deluge trousers which continue to fend off the torrential rain of the South American rainforests.

“The run has been so much tougher than we had ever imagined. Physically; pain sprang around our bodies pretty much constantly for the first three weeks in the “freezer” of Patagonia. We thought that our bodies would seize up completely in protest to the day-on-day assault. But gradually and incredibly the 20 mile daily quota, six days a week, clicked by. Millions of tiny steps later, we’re now in Bolivia and everything seems so much more possible!

“Running is such a simple act. Anyone can do it, you only need a pair of shoes- and not always even those! Best of all, it’s about being outside, in the company of wildlife and running through magical wild places. We created the 5000mileproject so that we could do just that; run through some of the most biodiverse habitats on earth and share their beauty with people from around the world”

The couple are raising money for Birdlife International and Armonía to secure habitat for species including the critically endangered blue-throated, giant anteater and maned wolf. They present to schools along the way about the expedition and the environments they´re running through and share their adventures with schools, newspapers and magazines back at home.

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