Berghaus Athlete Theatre Tour: Sir Chris Bonington and Leo Houlding have new shows

Speakers from the Edge presents the following two epic, adventure filled, and inspirational shows. Not to be missed!

Sir Chris Bonington’s show – Life and Times

Sir Chris Bonington tells the extraordinary and very personal story of a lifetime’s journey of discovery and pushing limits; from his first encounter of climbing aged sixteen, through to repeating his epic first ascent of the Old Man Hoy to celebrate reaching the age of 80.

Interspersed throughout, are thrilling accounts of his first British ascent of the North Wall of the Eiger, the Annapurna South Face, the Everest South West Face, his epic first ascent of the Ogre with Doug Scott; one of the great survival stories of all time, and in more recent years, sailing with Robin Knox Johnston to climb an unclimbed peak.
Sir Chris familiarises us with some of the great characters of the past sixty years: Hamish Macinnes, Tom Patey, Don Whillans, Dougal Haston, Doug Scott, Peter Boardman, Joe Tasker, and many others, whilst providing insight into the challenges of earning a living through climbing whilst raising a family.
His spell-binding narrative is illustrated with superb imagery and video clips from many of his climbs – it all makes for a very special evening.
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Leo Houlding’s show – Reflections: The Mirror Wall

Leo Houlding is a world renowned climber for audacious ascents of epic faces, documented in award winning movies including The Asgard Project, The Wildest Dream and The Last Great Climb.
Twenty years of extreme adventures have taken him from BBC 2’s Top Gear to the top of Everest, from devastating injury to major world firsts and from terrifying BASE jumps to glorious summits of the most remote and difficult peaks on every continent.
In 2014 Leo fronted a major Discovery TV adventure series, Lost Worlds. The following summer he led a successful expedition to a magnificent and massive cliff in Arctic Greenland known as the Mirror Wall, his first major expedition since becoming a father and the loss of his great friend and partner Sean ‘Stanley” Leary.
In this new show, Leo discusses the contrast between adventure TV and adventure film and reflects on the conflict between a life of extreme adventure and the responsibilities and homely joys of fatherhood, juxtaposed against the undying drive for the next great quest through the narrative of his aptly named Mirror Wall expedition.
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