Berghaus Adventure Tour 2010

Berghaus are pleased to announce an exciting series of live UK events for this winter, The Berghaus Adventure Tour, featuring two of our most high profile athletes, Leo Houlding and Mick Fowler who will entertain audiences at venues across England and Scotland.

The tour will kick off at the Tobacco Factory Theatre in Bristol, where Leo will talk about his recent adventures, including last year’s epic Asgard Project and his more recent escapades in Yosemite.  In recent years Leo’s live appearances have proved to be very popular – he combines irreverence and entertainment with stunning photography and footage, and an insight into his ceaseless adventures around the world.

Mick’s first show will be at the Dancehouse Theatre in Manchester. He will have just returned from his latest expedition, which is taking him to the north side of the Xuelian massif in the Chinese Tien Shan range.  Tien Shan has been off limits for many years but Mick managed to secure permits from the Chinese authorities for a four week visit during August and September.  His is only the third mountaineering expedition ever to visit the area.  Mick specialises in the exploration of remote, extremely challenging climbing areas and will talk about a long and varied career that has seen him labelled “the mountaineers’ mountaineer” by the Observer newspaper.

The tour dates and venues are:

Sunday, November 14, 7.30pm – Bristol, Tobacco Factory Theatre – Leo Houlding (Revised date)

Monday, November 1, 8pm  – Manchester, Dance House Theatre – Leo Houlding

Wednesday, November 3, 8pm  – Newcastle, Gateshead College Theatre – Leo Houlding

Thursday, November 4, 8pm  – Edinburgh, Ratho Climbing Centre – Leo Houlding

Wednesday, November 24, 8pm – Manchester, Dance House Theatre – Mick Fowler

Saturday, November 27, 7pm  – London, Royal Geographic Society – Leo Houlding & Mick Fowler

Sunday, November 28, 8pm – Bristol, Tobacco Factory Theatre – Mick Fowler

Monday, November 29, 8pm – Sheffield, the Showroom Cinema – Mick Fowler

Wednesday, December 1, 8pm – Newcastle, Gateshead College Theatre – Mick Fowler

Thursday, December 2, 8pm – Edinburgh, Ratho Climbing Centre – Mick Fowler

Tickets are on sale now through PlanetFear or by calling 01768 774493]

For more information on the tour visit

  • Peta Donachie

    as always disappointing that tours rarely come north of Edinburgh, as if no one lives further north that could possibly be interested in climbing and adventure!!

  • Mick Fowler

    Regarding the above, if it helps, I will at least be mentioning adventures north of Edinburgh! The focus though will be memorable, climbing focused, adventures and cultural anecdotes ranging from the UK to the Himalaya. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, I would suggest these will be evenings not to miss!

  • Ju Lewis

    And ditto for south of Bristol! That’s 2 hours drive from here in Torbay (where there’s some great climbing) and so must be at least 4 hours from the far west of Cornwall. Why do we have to be such a social desert?

  • Rea

    And ditto west of the Irish Sea. We buy Berghaus and occasionally leave the couch over here too!Come on over guys…we’d love to see you…

  • Emma Fletcher

    This was an incredible, hugely enjoyable and truly inspirational insight into the world of climbing. Leo Houlding is an awesome individual! Agree, definitely not to be missed. It was a superb evening, thanks.