Anna Gatta: Training for the Atacama Crossing

The Atacama Crossing is coming up faster than I want. 74 days left before the start. 250 km in 7 days self supported. Yeah. I can only admit that I am pretty nervous about running in 30°C between 2500–3400m of altitude.

This is a huge, huge challenge. After 3 weeks of following a meticulous, ruthless training schedule put together by my coach (Mr Philippe Gatta himself), I am finally sleeping and eating as much as my husband does! One more week of 50-60km before the “rest week” where I just have to run 20km max and can climb as much as I want.

January will be the toughest month where I need to start running with weight on my back, starting with 4 kilos and ending with 10 kilos. But as for training opportunities I am not missing anything: For flat support I am running along the Mediterranean Sea. Nice view but it is still hard. For some elevation gain we have an enormous “backyard” where we easily can get 2000m done in 3–5 hours.

We are running into a valley, up on a ridge, down another valley, along a mountain lake. Or as recently, heading to Les Calanques close to Marseille where we did 36km and 2400m elevation gain, all while having fun shooting a video:

Enjoy this video which shows some really great scenery.