Rob Jarman – Summer is on its way…….

…………………well it was!

Iv fallen back into my love affair of racing downhill again. I have just returned from a trip in Slovenia racing their national cup series and placed first in my class. It was an awesome event!! Over 3 minutes and an average of 40 kph top to bottom. There were some big old jumps that took some major casualties on race day, 4 broken legs to count.

The following weekend I was back home in the UK racing in the Scottish national series and placed second. I was pretty happy with the result but fell foul to lack of track knowledge and wasnt exactly sure of my lines, even on my race run, but I managed to string a good enough run together.

My next race is a British national at Fort William and then back up there again the following weekend for another national at Glen Coe, may even stop up if work is quiet!!

As for work, the GYM JARMAN world is taking off! I have a good bunch of regular athletes and clients that im pushing to the max pretty regularly. I have been helping Jack Sheppard, youth World trials champion get back to fitness after injury, 5 months off the bike and surgery. He has his first world round coming up this weekend, good luck Jack!

I also just want to give a big congrats to one of my Ilkley girls Lyndsay Doyle who spewed up in training the other week and then told me to get F**ked! Now thats what I want to see from my girls!! Good anger and awesome effort!

My own training is going great, I have a few big comps coming up this summer including the European DH championships and the 110 Hradmoors ultra marathon so I need to get on it! Im doing lots of gym and speed work at the moment to help on the bike and using my PT work to get some good miles out on the fells.

Back to training, see you later