Mick Fowler – 12 April

What a fantastic winter – and what a strain on my diary. Four weekends to Scotland so far, well short of my record of 11 but then the season is far from over yet.

It’s been great to renew my acquaintance with my 1980s haunts of Applecross and Torridon. Last weekend though it was Ben Nevis with Paul Ramsden. Brilliant climbing on the Left Edge of Rubicon Wall on the Saturday and then mist so thick on Sunday I can only say that we climbed up somewhere on the north side and eventually reached the top.

first pitch of left edge route, Ben Nevis

Whilst we were enjoying summit chocolate bars two cold and lost walkers emerged from the mist. Their story will stay lodged in my memory for a long time. Having driven from Glasgow to somewhere in Glen Nevis they had followed a GPS bearing straight from their car to the top. After 6 hours of knee deep snow they found the visibility on top was about 20 feet. It was then that they realised that they hadn’t entered the co-ordinates of anywhere but the summit, could see nothing and so had no idea whatsoever how to get down. Ooops!

  • Lenny Hyatt

    Wow I’m really the only reply to this amazing writing!

  • Imogene Mcfadden

    If only I had a dollar for each time I came here! Great post.

  • Monica Mckee

    Heh am I really the only reply to this awesome article?

  • Chard

    Awesome. I’ve met people like those walkers going up Snowdon in Winter with Jeans, trainers an Anorak and just a GPS asking me “Is there any snow at the top???”