Chris Bonington – 17 August

We are a small Club of adventurers founded by the Champagne Company GH Mumm.  Last week we took on a crew of injured Service men from “Help for Heroes” in a fun Dragon Boat Race.  Our new member, my good friend Leo Houlding is in the front with solo sailor Dee Cafari on his right.

The Help for Heroes crew are in the lead

Eldest member of the crew working hard

The real heroes at the end of the race

Members of the club before a very good dinner

from l to r:  Brian Thompson – record breaking sailor, Neil Laughton – Polar and jungle traveller, two members of the GH Mumm team, Leo Houlding – climber and base jumper, Tom Avery – Polar traveller, Dee Caffari – solo transworld circumnavigator and chairman of the Club, Robin Knox Johnston – sailor, Jason Lewis, 1st person to circumnavigate World by human power, myself, John Blashford Snell, great expeditioner.

Leo and Jason, our two new members completed the initiation ceremony by slicing off, cleanly, the head of a champagne bottle with a sabre and pouring us all a drink!!!