Chris Bonington – 12 October (Part 2)

The following morning we joined the trade route to the summit of Kinabalu.  There is a guide rope all the way to the top and around a hundred a day go to the summit of every level of experience.

On the summit of Kinabalu (4101m)

Mount Victoria which has several multi pitch trad routes on the lines of weakness. There is also huge scope for new routes but one of the big challenges is reaching the foot of some of the big walls as the forest is so dense and steep.

The Donkey’s Ears, two very accessible pinnacles from the high climbing hut Sayat-Sayat at 3668m.

The Mountain Torq guides posed in front of the Pendant Hut, built and owned by Wilfred.  They are all local lads who have been trained to look after complete beginners on the Via Ferrata.  They also are becoming keen climbers.

After climbing Kinabalu from SayatSayat Hut, we dropped the full 2300 metres back to the Park Gate in the afternoon fog and rain.

We’d spent three days ( about 11 hours on the move) getting up and down – in the annual race the record up and down is 2 hours 40 mins and 41 seconds!!!

A two hour drive back to Kota Kinabalu, a night in a 4*star hotel and the next morning a speed boat took us to one of their islands.

Where we enjoyed a day’s snorkelling in the warm waters and a large quantity of beer – that’s the life!!!!

If you want to enjoy the Ferrata or go rock climbing on Kinabalu, check out the Mountain Torq web site:

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