Anniken Binz – 30 November

I have to say that life has changed quite dramatically since I had my baby. Just to give you an example; I have not been outside the house a single evening/night for seven months. The little creature is totally depended on breast milk….he refuses to use a bottle, so not only do I spend the whole day at home looking after him, I also have to stay at home at night after my husband comes home. But hey, I’m not complaining, time flies by quickly and I don’t miss going out at night.

What I do miss though are the mountains….fresh air…nature… I haven’t been getting too much of it lately. But I am sure this will change soon as Sebastian (as the little boob monster is called) will eat more and more normal food and therefore be able to spend more time with his grandparents, who are more than happy to babysit. The winter season is just starting here in Norway, and although all my energy has gone into moving house lately my skis and snowboard are smiling at me because they know they will soon be going for a ride.

  • Kamilla

    You have to get a mei tai or a Ergo babycarrier – so that you can walk in the mountains and nature together with your son 😉