Anniken Binz – 17 March

Wow, time flies by quickly. It doesn’t seem like long ago when I discovered I was pregnant, and now I am suddenly so close it could happen any day! The baby is all developed and ready, and is only spending the last weeks now to gain weight. I have been spending my time doing a lot of skiing and a lot of yoga. I have been training in pregnancy yoga so I can start teaching this next year, and I have studied for my exam in anatomy, so I have kept myself busy. But I have also been doing some modelling. This time off course as a pregnant girl 🙂

A photographer I know came up with the idea to make a pregnancy yoga book, so we have been working on this for the last couple of weeks, trying to get all the pictures we need before the baby comes. We are making the book in collaboration with Elizabeth Connolly, a famous UK yoga teacher who has been working with pregnancy yoga for 35 years and is very skilled in the area. We also have two graphic designers making the layout which I think will look really nice 🙂 The next step now will be to find a publisher for the book and of course finish writing it 😉