Alastair Lee on The Prophet success

Alastair Lee’s The Prophet recently won best climbing film and the grand prize at this year’s Kendal Mountain Festival. Here he gives his account on the double success:

“I think the great thing about this is that nobody was expecting it, not even me!  There was so little time to put it together as we only got back from the trip at the end of October and then I had to go to Banff for a week, but when I got the first rough cut together I did think to myself, ‘Actually I reckon this is pretty good!’

“But best climbing film and the grand prize at Kendal?  Brilliant!  After all the hype with the Asgard film it was just great to knock something out without any weight of expectation and do something on a slightly smaller scale.  I think that’s why it turned out so well – no pressure at all, I was in free flow.  People always do their best work when there’s no expectation and it’s coming straight from the heart.

“Also it was great that a tough panel of judges who really knew their films and climbing simply judged it as the best film at the festival – no bias, no bribes, no looking at who’d made what and what they’d won before.  They said it was simply the clear winner.  Can’t argue with that!

“The other thing that makes it work so well is that Leo, Jason and myself have developed into a great team for filming on big walls and course what’s not to be overlooked for a second is that Leo’s route is absolutely mind bending!”

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